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Why Are Video Games So Bad Nowadays?

You can blame the video game industry. Publishers like Electronic Arts are notorious for milking their revenue by adding microtransactions and loot boxes to their games. This practice has ruined many video game studios. It’s no secret that BioWare started to go downhill after EA acquired them, and they are now relying on heavy monetization practices. Publishers like Square Enix have also supported NFTs. Recently, they were accused of treating game developers such as Yuji Naka poorly after publishing Balan Wonderworld.

Then again, we all know that major publishers aren’t always good. Some developers don’t even finish the game, leaving gamers with a sour taste. This has happened to many AAA games in the past, including Nintendo’s first two Mario games. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that the consumer has to pay for quality. AAA games should deliver complete gameplay and assets. Many players buy pre-ordered games with reasonable expectations, but they end up being disappointed because the games are incomplete, full of bugs, or otherwise fall short of their promises.

The video game industry has been ripping off players over the years. In the past, developers didn’t have a lot of money, so they had little time to refine their games. However, the trend spread to AAA games, and some did it right, but they still forced gamers to purchase in-game items or unlock features. The EA and Activision games are notorious for their microtransaction policies. They’ve also created games that were poorly made, and were rebranded later to be better.

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