What To Do If The Insurance Adjuster Distorts Your Words After A Car Accident?

If you were in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, you might be worried about your rights. The first thing you might want to do is report the accident to your insurance company. After all, the insurer is supposed to help you through your recovery. If someone else was at fault, their insurance policy should cover your damages. 

However, talking to an insurance adjuster after an accident can be tricky because it is easy to say the wrong thing or have your words misinterpreted. It is natural to be confused or nervous after a traumatic experience, which might cause you to give the wrong information. If your words were distorted by the insurance company, talk to a personal injury lawyer in los angeles today. 

Why should you not speak to the insurance adjuster after a car accident?

It is never a good idea to speak to the insurance company right after being in a car accident. This is because after you experience a car accident, it becomes difficult to focus and think properly. Even if you think you are saying the right words, you might accidentally say something you do not mean. Sometimes you may say things by assuming, which can be harmful to your claim. 

The insurance adjuster will likely contact you after the accident. It is important that you refuse to speak to them, at least until you speak to your attorney first. You can ask them to talk directly to your attorney ailovemusic

What are the dangers of saying too much?

After an accident, you should try to keep quiet as much as you can. Insurance companies were created with the purpose of helping you during your accidental days, so you might naturally think that the insurance adjuster might be sympathetic to your situation. However, that is rarely the case. 

As long as the insurance company does not give you your money, it gets to keep it. Therefore, they will try their best to avoid paying and blame the accident on the other party. Even if it proved that their policyholder was liable, they would still try to reduce the compensation celebrities agen amount. 

When you say too much, you may accidentally: 

  • Apologize for the crash.
  • Say something you do not mean.
  • Provide untrue information because you were not aware of the truth. 

Remember that the insurance adjuster will do anything to make it look like it is your fault. Therefore, always consult with an attorney before every step. 

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