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What Can You Do With the Alexa App?

You’re probably familiar with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant and have perhaps even downloaded the Alexa app to your phone. But are you aware of what this app can do? If not, this article will help you understand it. It is not difficult to use, and it will make your life much easier! Here are some of its best features:

Besides the main home screen, you can also access the Communicate tab, which offers a call button, an IM button, a drop-in message field, and an Announce button. The app also includes a Contacts page, which you can access by tapping the people icon in the upper-right corner. There, you can modify your settings and import your contacts. You can even set up groups and designate emergency contacts. This is useful for contacting your loved ones in case of a medical emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

You can use the Alexa app to set up expotab Alexa for your Echo devices or use it as a free-standing digital assistant. It is similar to Siri on an Apple iPhone. When you launch the Alexa app, you will be greeted by a home screen, which features quick links to your recent activities, your to-do list, and your shopping list. Alternatively, you can ask Alexa to remind you about common tasks, such as shopping.

You can also call numbers directly through the Alexa app. All you need to do is say the digits of the number to receive a call. If your voice profile matches the one of the caller, Alexa will recognize it. If you’ve configured Alexa to use your contacts list, you can call them with a few taps of your phone screen. You need to update your phone’s local address book so that Alexa can find the number. Then, you’re ready to make calls!

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