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Kpop Entertainment Companies That Accept Foreigners

When looking for kpop entertainment companies that accept foreigners, it is important to consider several factors. Before signing up with a kpop entertainment group, you should research the company thoroughly and familiarize yourself with their policies. Also, be sure to choose a company with a reputation for hiring talented foreigners and providing them with an environment where they will be able to showcase their talents without any stress or pressure.

In terms of location, there are many entertainment companies in Korea that are expanding overseas. For example, JYP Entertainment, the label that houses megastars TWICE and Stray Kids, has recently posted job opportunities in Japan. Another popular company, SM Entertainment, is expanding overseas. Founded in 2006, SM Entertainment is home to many megastars such as EXO and GIRL POWER. Foreigners can apply for positions at these companies if they meet specific requirements and are fluent in the Korean language.

While auditioning for Korean entertainment companies is relatively easy, not everyone who wants to become a K-pop idol is cut out for the job. There are strict standards for beauty, and if you don’t meet those standards, you’re unlikely to get hired. Most of these companies have a magic weight that women must be under fifty kilograms, and men must be under 75 kg. Some K-pop entertainment companies require their trainees to consume fewer than 2,000 calories per day, which can be difficult to achieve, given the rigorous audition training.

Many Korean entertainment companies screen foreigner social media accounts to make sure they’re suitable for the job. K-pop stars must behave well and be polite to avoid embarrassing or scandalous situations. The Burning Sun scandal has shown the importance of maintaining a low profile on social media accounts. Making one mistake can have disastrous consequences. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, fans will eventually find out.

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