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JD Advising MEE Tips

Listed below are some important JD advising mee tips. The first is to focus on the MEE’s fourteen subjects. The topics tested may vary from exam to exam, so students should spend time studying all testable subjects. Students should concentrate on highly tested topics rather than wasting time on ones that are unlikely to appear on the exam. The MEE Guide from JD Advising contains information about how frequently each subject will be tested and what to study for each test. newstribune You can also use this guide to determine which subjects will be tested on the MEE.

The third MEE tip is to write a compelling issue statement. Examinees tend to skimp on the analysis because they are under time pressure. dailybulletin Examiners usually let examinees know what the issues are before the exam, so they can begin focusing on the analysis and conclusion. This will help ensure that the examiners are able to see the details of your response. For example, if you write a question like, “Does this rule apply to this situation?”, make sure that you address this exception. dailybase

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