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How to Change Alexa Voice to Celebrity

If you want to hear the voice of your favorite celebrity while speaking to Alexa, you may be wondering how to change Alexa’s default voice. Thankfully, it is now possible. You can change the default voice of Alexa for $4.99, and you can use the new one for specific tasks, such as setting reminders. However, you should note that the new voice may not be compatible with skills and reminders.

To switch to Morgan Freeman’s voice, you can purchase the skill from Amazon. It is available for voice shopping, lists, and reminders. However, you must enable the skill first before it can be used. Otherwise, you’ll have to switch back to the default voice after you’ve changed it. The same applies to other celebrity voices for Alexa. For instance, you can change the voice of Lord Vader to sound like Michael Jackson.

Another way to switch the voice of Alexa is to use a wake word. The wake word is the word you use to invoke Alexa when you’re talking to the device. However, you should avoid using culturally offensive words. It is a personal decision whether to use an explicit word or not. If you’re worried about offending your partner, you can change the wake word to whatever word suits your personal tastes.

To change Alexa’s voice, you must first open your device’s settings. Tap the Devices tab in the lower left corner. Then, tap the Amazon Echo & Alexa button. In the upper right corner, tap the Settings cogwheel. On the next screen, choose the Voice of Alexa. You can select from the male or female voice. Once you’ve chosen the voice, Alexa will explain to you its features. Once you’re done, you’ll have to confirm the charge on your Amazon account.

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