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Berkeley’s Best Bars

If you’re a student at UC Berkeley, you know how hard it can be to find some good local pubs. Berkeley has a wide variety of pubs, from homey local pubs to hip, neon sports bars. While they may be small, Berkeley bars are usually reasonably priced and filled with a largely student clientele. The best bets are the IPAs and craft beers, and local favorites like Celia’s are worth a try. Also a local favorite, The Daily Pint, is a fun and laid back place to grab a drink. The bear’s lair is a popular bar, with cheap beer and a beat-the-clock Friday special. While it’s usually packed on weekends, the crowd is generally mostly undergraduates, so you may have a difficult time getting a seat.

For an evening out with friends, head to Berkeley’s Best Bars. The TapHaus has great beers and an excellent beer selection. Kips is a classic ‘end of the night’ bar. Downtown, a great selection of bars can be found in Berkeley, including the Eureka!, Jupiter, and East Bay Spice Co. All of them are within walking distance of campus. There is no need to make reservations.

For a drink that has a bit of a boozy edge, head to Tupper and Reed. The place offers sophisticated cocktails, including the Derby Cocktail, which is a whiskey-based drink with a sweet California twist. While there, you can also indulge in Japanese food, including the local favorites such as spicy satay and tempura yaki. In addition to the traditional American drinks, you can try sushi at Joshu-ya, a sushi restaurant that has been in business since 1964.

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